Some of the best antiques that have gone through our shop

muddycreekantiques-03It is almost impossible to single out a few objects that have passed through the Muddy Creek Antiques shop over the years as there have been literally thousands of the most unique and one-off antiques that have somehow found their way into our shop. However, there are a few truly unique antiques that we have had in the store and that can give you at least some idea of the quality and the uniqueness of the antiques that you can find with us.

For instance, back in the 1980s, it was Tom Bergen, the founder of Muddy Creek Antiques who came across a very unique document at a yard sale somewhere near Los Alamos. You might have already guessed that it had something to do with the atomic bomb project from the 40s and 50s. And indeed, it was a document that was outlining what the staff is to do when the test is conducted. It has been verified by the staff from Los Alamos and the experts in the history of the atomic program. It was finally bought in 1984 by an enthusiast who came all the way from New York to purchase this piece of history. Of course, it would be impolite of us to say what price it reached, but let’s just say that it was a hefty price indeed.

Then, sometime in the 1990s, Kevin Bergen, Tom’s son and the second in the Bergen line to own the Muddy Creek Antiques shop visited an antique road show in Santa Fe. It was somewhat of a disappointing road show as there was very little of any interest. However, there was one piece of antique that he came back with and that has for a long time been the most exciting piece of the Muddy Creek Antiques stock. Namely, it was a 19th century Navajo bracelet that was done with such love and expertise that it was featured in pretty much every antique publication in the entire country. It was made from onyx and opal and it was quite simply the most beautiful antique that we have ever had in stock. It was finally sold to a German antique collector who actually came in person to purchase it in 2001.

muddycreekantiques-02In 2003, however, Muddy Creek Antiques came in possession of perhaps the most incredible piece of history that has ever gone through our shop. Namely, one of the field investigators that we employed at the time managed to discover a series of letters written by none less than Henry Hopkins Sibley, the commanding officer of the Confederate forces in the Battle of Glorietta Pass. In fact, most of the letters had connection to the battle itself as some of them were part of the correspondence between Sibley and his superiors. The letters were verified by the University of New Mexico and all the leading experts on the Civil War in New Mexico. It took more than five years to find an interested party who would be able to meet the price, but in 2009, we sold the letters, which is something we sometimes even regret today.

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